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We started out in 1988 as a software house serving the local public transport company. After over 20 years’ activity, today we are the leading Italian company in the field of integrated information technology systems (ERP) for passenger transport companies, with over 200 clients evenly distributed throughout Italy and over 1000 application packages installed: figures that allow us to confirm from day to day the uniqueness of our solutions, which are the fruit of direct, in-depth knowledge of the reference market and the specific needs of our individual clients.

Study, research, design, training and assistance are the ingredients for our strategy.

With a young, dynamic management, over the years we have taken on the new mission of “general contractor”, thanks to the consolidated experience gained and to the trust expressed by important companies in both the public and private sector.

The mission

Our job is to create ICT solutions that help our customers achieve maximum profitability from their core business, by means of automatic, integrated management of all the company processes that will also help to identify the best possible organisational structure.

We assist our clients, working with them to ensure the best use of the ICT tools supplied, so as to give maximum simplicity and reliability in all phases of operation.

We invest heavily in research and development, exploring the furthest confines of technology applied to passenger transportation, so as to provide our clients with ever more innovative, highly evolved services.

The values

Our market is unique, but made up of many different elements. It is only by learning and sharing our knowledge that we can achieve proper growth.

We work with our clients to identify what they need, and not merely what they want: it is only by listening and paying attention to changes that we are able to provide the right solution.

Resources and dimensions

Some data about our company:

The system integrator for transport companies and LPT

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