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Fleet and Crew Scheduling

Management of public transport, both in urban and suburban areas
This deals with the whole service organisation process, allowing map-based management of operations, timetables, planning and calculation of staff shifts for both office-based and travelling staff. Supplies the infomobility applications, communicating traffic information both forecast and based on day-to-day events.

It allows planning of periodic services using rules that can be defined by the user, daily clothing operations including acquisition of information from time counter devices, it powers the onboard devices, allowing prompt control in terms of AVL/AVM systems. It generates the final accounting details for services, both daily and monthly, to be sent both to the wages department and to management accounting.
The absolute strongpoint of this system is its high level of flexibility, and the ability to set parameters according to the various types of company (urban, suburban, etc..), this being a characteristic born from our experience with over 60 installations in companies in this sector, and from over 20 years’ specific experience.


Map-based Management of operations

This is the module that allows totally graphic management of the entire network, comprising the bus stops and their connections. It provides the user with a whole series of tools for assisted construction and illustration of the typical routes for each line. It is an essential tool when activating remote control procedures.

Designing Working plans

This is the module that allows acquisition or generation of all the scheduled services, complete with departure and arrival times at the terminal and transit times at the various stops, period of validity and type of vehicle required.

Shift Planning

This is the module that can be used to draw up, using graphic tools if desired, the working operations foreseen to create staff and machine shifts, checking congruence and calculating the relevant dues.

Periodic service planning

This is the module that allows automatic assignment to staff of the working shifts drawn up in precedence, respecting the set work/rest sequences.

Clothing and day-to-day presences

This is the module that is used to manage the day-to-day presence of staff and vehicles, intervening at various levels for detailed identification of the operations carried out, also by interfacing with a time-counter device. This feeds applications such as the AVL and infomobility in general, providing real time working information.

Final Accounting

This is the module that, once the service has been completed, manages all the problems connected to quantification of the service, both in terms of wages due and management accounting.

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Fleet and Crew Scheduling

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