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Supervision of processes connected with the sale and use of passenger tickets
This is the ideal management software to guarantee sales interoperability, transaction transparency, control of financial flows. It governs an evolved system for integrated management of sales and ticketing services. A single software platform comprising modules that integrate with each other to manage and monitor all the processes and data within the entire ticketing system cycle.

Telemaco is the support on which many electronic ticketing projects throughout Italy are based. Telemaco is the most widely used sales management software in Italy, with over 100 client companies and over 3000 agents/ticket offices connected on line.


Internet Booking

It is an innovative information technology system that manages information to Users, bookings and purchase of passenger tickets through agents connected on-line, or directly (for the user) through an ordinary Internet connection; payment by credit card or using the SISAL network; on-line control of seat availability; real time information on the position of the means of transport along the expected route, and relevant indication of the arrival time at a given stop; service certification. This technology is also suitable to manage services connected with Tourism, such as theme tours for cultural trips, visits to trade fairs, shuttles, etc

Customer retention / Issue

Telemaco allows a global approach to customers, governing all types of technology existing in the transport sector (information technology sales points, on board sales, Self service TVM, Internet portals, Validation points). Using the season ticket process it is possible to set up genuine Marketing and customer retention strategies, learning and analysing the demand for mobility of the customer base using map based tools.

Management of Fines

Telemaco allows supervision of the entire administrative process for fines: starting from issue of the notice using innovative technological supports, right the way to payment of the fine, including mass production of documents such as notices, injunctions, docketing, interface with debt collection agencies.

Setting Price parameters / Clearing / accounting

Telemaco can be used to manage various price rates in a flexible way, co-ordinating registration on the account books, dividing competencies and directing cost accounting. It carries out all the fiscal operations foreseen by current law. Management of Clearing to ensure division of competencies according to a number of parameters, both starting from sales figures and from travel figures.

Distribution / management of sales network / stock

Telemaco manages problems relating to sales, organisation of stock, delivery/distribution of tickets through the sales network, stocking up of sales outlets. The system also manages and checks the cash / financial flow of sales, so as to have a timely control of financial exposure.


Telemaco manages the option of users purchasing Tickets / season tickets over the Internet. A user friendly interface guides the user during purchase operations, and financial transactions are guaranteed by banks according to the most stringent security regulations. As well as the Internet it is also possible to use other sales channels, such as RID, IVR (Interactive Voice Responder) and others.

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