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Control of the working state of a fleet
The system aims to provide public transport managers with a tool for more efficient, safe and functional management of the fleet, that is to say a tool for control of the working state of the fleet that is capable of providing information on position and state of the vehicles and adherence of the service actually provided to the scheduled service.

AVL/AVM systems have an architecture based on three main blocks: Operating Centre, Onboard System and Communication Network

The AVL systems make it possible to keep constant control of the position of vehicles; detect differences, delays or advances in the plan of travel; signal emergencies and traffic jams to vehicles in the area; re-route journeys according to delays, advances, emergencies; notify users and/or clients of delays with respect to the scheduled timetable; verify compliance with the running and stoppage times; identify the vehicles that are closest to a given area; locate stationary, broken or stolen vehicles; provide a posteriori statistical analysis of the movement of vehicles.
The AVM systems can be used to: learn mechanical operating parameters (for example: fuel level, oil level, engine oil temperature, etc.); learn the physical parameters and status aboard (for example: temperature of refrigerator cells, opening of doors; temperature in cabin, etc.); learn the dynamic state of vehicles (for example: stationary/moving, speed, acceleration, etc.); detect anomalies in the parameters controlled, signal them by means of alarms and notify the driver of the vehicle; receive notification of emergencies on board, sent by the driver or by automatic detection systems; view and record in real time the images from onboard cameras in the event of an emergency


Map based display

Display of the position of vehicles and the data relating to them on the map based support in real time.

Service certification

The system provides final data on the number of journeys completed, indicating the actual time of transit at bus stops and the relevant delays/advances, highlighting any deformities in the service provided and indicating the significant data that identify each individual journey.


Display of alarms generated by events relating to the service and events generated by external devices interfaced with the onboard device.

Real time information on the network

Display of the network on a map based support, with the option of viewing the transit situation in real time for each item. Alternatively, a straight line display can be provided.

Communication between control - vehicles

Two-way communication between control operators and drivers by means of message exchange. Other interactive communication methods are possible.

Statistics and reports

The system produces a wide range of reports and statistics, which allow analysis of the activities of individual vehicles in the field, including past history.

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