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The strength of an organised network

iBus S.p.A.

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iBus S.p.A.
Ibus is a network made up of the nine main Italian long-distance coach companies, which puts its extraordinary experience in the passenger transport system at the disposal of customers: hundreds of daily services provided for years all over the country, and over one million passengers carried per year.

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IBUS srl
Via F. Domiziano 9
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Products involved:

Supervision of processes connected with the sale and use of passenger tickets

The need for considerable expansion

The IBUS Network of companies required a management system that would allow simple, automated control of various aspects that had become complex as a result of expansion of the network. Clearing, systems for payment on line and using the SISAL circuit with a network of 3000 agencies, multi-carrier management for bookings, clearing by use, integration with the operating centre, check-in, promotions and low-cost logic, interface with the payment and public sale circuits are the aspects that were most in need of a custom-made management solution. Pluservice has always been one of the technological partners of iBus, having supplied a web-based system to satisfy the customer’s needs


Working in synergy with carriers, various functions have been developed over the years, and these have resulted in the site being the most widely used for purchase of road-based travel. Features of this experience are:
  • an enormous network of agencies and travel agents (over 3000) who every day offer their customers interconnected travel options involving various partner carriers;
  • extremely flexible pricing policy: for example management of low-cost policies on routes with a low appeal for a set of available seats, managing different prices for high and low season, etc;
  • information on travel and prices, booking travel (with selection of the seat) and purchase, using both credit cards and SISAL offices for payment;
  • exclusive agreement with SISAL to enable payment of tickets at the over 16,000 offices in Italy;
  • advanced terminals on-board the coaches allowing location of the vehicle, communication of delays/early arrival to the control centre, check-in (with the option of freeing seats that have been purchased but not filled), on-board purchase and print-out of lists of passengers getting on/off at each location;
  • the coaches have a location device and their position is communicated instantly to the control centre. This system traces the progress of coaches and certifies the service at the end of the trip;
  • division of sales and revenue between the various carriers takes place using actual travel data, by means of sophisticated clearing algorithms;
  • the system foresees final accounting of sales and revenue and fulfilling of administrative requirements (Invoicing commission for sales network, record of competencies, reconciliation of amounts received);
It is also possible to view information on incoming coaches on totems and information panels, with details of any differences between scheduled and actual arrival time. This information can also be consulted on-line on the web site.

Ticketing, booking, payment and clearing systems

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