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FTV S.p.A.

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FTV S.p.A.
With a user base of almost one million inhabitants, in one year FTV busses travel over 10 million kilometres and carry almost 11 million people. There are over 20,000 active season ticket holders. The fleet is made up of 247 working busses and 13 replacement vehicles. The sales network comprises 20 agencies and over 120 authorised dealers.

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Products involved:

Fleet and Crew Scheduling
Management of public transport, both in urban and suburban areas
The Accounting management software
The integrated management IT system covering maintenance
Supervision of processes connected with the sale and use of passenger tickets

The need to renew the ticketing system.

Ferrovie Tramvie Vicentine SpA manages almost all the suburban lines in the province of Vicenza, together with urban services in Bassano, Valdagno and Recoaro.
It has a user base of almost one million inhabitants. The Veneto Regional Authorities promote operations aimed at co-ordinating transport and creating an integrated mobility and infrastructure system; it also promotes the use of integrated passenger tickets that can be used for multiple transport companies.
For FTV, this resulted in the need to introduce an electronic ticketing system that would overcome certain restrictions and costs imposed by paper tickets.
There were also restrictions of other kinds: the paper ticketing system did not provide the Management with adequate means of analysing the use of public transport and planning the service. This put a structural brake on improving quality.

The project

From an architectural point of view, the structure set up comprises a series of subsystems:
  • Ticketing Control Centre (defines cost parameters, manages communication with peripheral appliances, integrates with accounts and movement, manages alarms, carries out business intelligence, etc);
  • Sale through Agencies and issue of cards;
  • Sale through Dealers;
  • Sale via the internet;
  • On-board subsystem;
  • Depot subsystem;
  • Control subsystem;

I Benefits

The system has enabled FTV to eliminate paper tickets completely. All validation and control operations are traced by the system, and sent to the Centre. This means that FTV can analyse figures on actual use and optimise planning of the service.
The system guarantees better levels of social control, as all users are required to validate their tickets on entrance.
The user benefits from an extension of the sales outlets, which include the Post Office, Banca Popolare di Vicenza and the internet. In the case of the latter, the user can renew his or her season ticket directly from home, 24/7; the ticket is coded on the on-board smartcard, without having to go to a sales outlet.
Banca Popolare has made its branches available and offers a 10% discount on annual student bus passes; this has been made possible thanks to a flexible technological infrastructure, which reduces the cost of ticketing management and opens the way to a multitude of future marketing campaigns. Finally, the widespread presence of the Post Office has allowed a significant increase in the number of season ticket holders.


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Gruppo Thales

Gruppo Thales

Electronic ticketing integrated with the Company ERP

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